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1. Preamble

These general conditions of sale and use of the website (hereinafter referred to as "GCSUW") are Intended to administer the use of the website StudentSphere.ca and its variations of domain names and subdomains including all functionalities and contents available on StudentSphere.ca that are edited by StudentSphere Events Manager Corp. (REQ #: 1167883769). (Collectively called "Websites of StudentSphere" hereof)

The GCSUW apply initially to the relationship between StudentSphere, which acts as AGENT and the organizer, which acts as the PRINCIPAL. Secondly, it applies to the StudentSphere relationship with buyers of electronic tickets (referred to as "Clients"),in the payment of the usual transaction fees.Thirdly, the relationship between StudentSphere and visitors and / or users (referred to as "Users") of the Websites of StudentSphere.

The GCSUW were written at StudentSphere head office, 1911 Papineau in Montreal in the Province of Quebec, Canada. These GCSUW are subject to the Quebec and Canadian laws. They are written in French and shall be interpreted as such. The french version of the GCSUW will always prevail in case of disparity with the english version.

2. Acceptance of GCSUW.

In all cases, access or use of the Websites of StudentSphere by any individual, results in immediate and unconditional acceptance of GCSUW and of all notifications of change (referred to as "notifications") on the Websites of StudentSphere. If you access or use the Web sites of StudentSphere as a professional, you certify to StudentSphere that you hold all rights, authorizations and powers necessary to access the Websites of StudentSphere on behalf of the company, association or any other partner entity. In this case, your use of and access to the Websites of StudentSphere results in immediate and unconditional acceptance of GCSUW and notifications.

The Client, have read and agreed to these GCSUW before payment of the order. The data recorded by StudentSphere represent proof of the transactions on its websites by the Client.

StudentSphere reserves the right to modify at any time the GCSUW and his notifications. The use and access to Websites of StudentSphere after amendments imply your acceptance of the modified GCSUW. The invalidity of any GCSUW clause does not entail the invalidity of all GCSUW clauses. StudentSphere allows itself to change an invalid clause for a valid clause if it has the same purposes as originally presented clause. This also applies to any relevant contractual gaps .

3. The service

3.1 Organizers

The Websites of StudentSphere (AGENT) provide to its organizers (PRINCIPAL) access to cloud softwares services allowing organizers to perform different tasks.

Including among others, in a non-exhaustive and non-binding list, the following services:

Access to Websites of StudentSphere and their cloud software services by organizers is free and leads to unconditional acceptance of GCSUW in their entirety. StudentSphere reserves the right to alter at any time the services available on the Websites of StudentSphere or additional services StudentSphere offers.

StudentSphere reserves the right to offer additional services to organizers and apply, if necessary, tariffs or fees for these services.

3.1.1. Sale taxes on tickets

As an AGENT, StudentSphere leaves full responsibility for the application, collection, calculation, delivery and handling of any applicable sale taxes to the PRINCIPAL (the Organizer).The amount of transactions on the Websites of StudentSphere is always presented and interpreted as INCLUDING applicable sales taxes. StudentSphere can in no way be held responsible or accountable for the management of its Organizer’s sale taxes.

3.2 Clients

The Websites of StudentSphere allows ticket buyers to browse information on events and to purchase electronic tickets online. The usual transaction fees are charged to the clients at the time of payment.

The usual transaction fees are calculated with a fixed portion per ticket sold and a variable portion calculated as a percentage of the aggregate value of the transaction tickets.

The usual transaction fees are based on the following calculation:

($ 0.50 x number of tickets) + (0.05 x total value of tickets) = usual transaction fees

Studentsphere reserves the right to alter or suspend without notice or notification, calculation and / or the value of the fixed and / or variable of its usual transaction fees.

3.2.1 Sale taxes on usual transaction fees

Applicable taxes are still considered INCLUDED in the usual transaction fees as calculated and presented. The charges are those in effect in the province or territory of Canada or the buyer resides. The place of residence is determined by the zip code of the customer obtained during the transaction and recorded in their account.

3.2.2 Additional fees

The usual transaction fees and other charges that credit card companies are charging are INCLUDED in the usual transaction fees charged by Studentsphere.

3.3 Users

The browsing of the Websites of StudentSphere and their services by Users is free of charge. Studentsphere reserves the right to offer additional services to Users and apply, if necessary, tariffs or fees for these services.

4. Availability

Websites of StudentSphere are accessible at any time of day and night and every day.The User,Customer and the Organizer remain aware that regardless of the will of StudentSphere, interruptions, previously set or not, for maintenance needs or safety in the event of force majeure may arise. In this case, StudentSphere will not be liable for potential damages caused by interruption of service.

5. Liability

5.1 Relative to content

As a content host , Websites of StudentSphere are under no obligation to monitor content posted or transmitted by clients or Users or organizers to the Websites of StudentSphere and external websites linked to StudentSphere websites via links. Therefore StudentSphere cannot be held responsible for illegal content, texts or opinions introduced by a User or an Organizer and cannot guarantee its accuracy or relevance.

Therefore, the user or the organizer shall not infringe the rights of third parties, laws or regulations .The user or the organizer, individual or professional, who introduced malicious data on the site by any method shall fully indemnify StudentSphere of any amounts that may be required to pay , for example, court fees and / or other damages. Finally, Websites of StudentSphere agree to remove illegal content introduced on its sites as soon as possible.

While registering,the Client, User, or the organizer will be asked to save personal data. These data must be accurate and true for the proper functioning of the Websites of StudentSphere. Also these data may be stored and saved the Websites of StudentSphere. If a User or an Organizer infringe the identity of an individual or a legal entity, StudentSphere will not be responsible. StudentSphere can not verify the exact identity of the Users or Clients or Organizers.

If criminal proceedings occurred, damages and reimbursement of defense fees will be paid to StudentSphere . Similarly, the rights or content violation of a User or an organizers or any third person or entity, by a User or an Organizers on StudentSphere sites does not involve the responsibility of StudentSphere. The user or organizer undertakes to bear all fees of damages or defense that could happen in case of a violation of the rights of third parties. If through the use of Websites of StudentSphere, other people's rights were not respected, the User or organizers should immediately stop any illegal use of Websites of StudentSphere.

Data retention of the user or the organizer is processed in compliance with legal provisions on personal data. However, Customer of the Websites of StudentSphere, consent to their information being transmitted to organizers of the event and contractually linked companies. For more details, see the Privacy Policy of StudentSphere. StudentSphere is saving data on an unwavering support. In case of disagreement or contradiction between our computer files and folders in paper or electronic format that could possibly belong to Clients, organizers,users,companies or another third party, StudentSphere files will be considered as the official ones.

5.2 Relative to events

Websites of StudentSphere responsibility is limited to its role of AGENT in sale of electronic tickets on behalf of the PRINCIPAL (Organizer) of the event. StudentSphere is not responsible for the event itself. The Organizer releases StudentSphere of all liabilities on an event and undertake responsibility to compensate StudentSphere of any amount that could be required to pay.

It is possible that Organizer of the event determines the specific conditions for the event concerning its organization. StudentSphere has no control over these conditions. The information given by the Organizer for the event does not depend on StudentSphere.

6. Create Account

To attend or create an event, any Customer, User, or Organizer must first have a "user account" on StudentSphere sites. To create an account on StudentSphere each Client, User or organizer must complete the online form. Only one account is possible per Customer, Organizer User and it will stand indefinitely. Personal data is continuously editable. In all cases, the creation of an account by a person results in immediate and unconditional acceptance of GCSUW and Privacy Policy.

An email will be sent to the email address when creating the account in order to validate it. The IDs and password will also be communicated in a email validation or will later be confirmed by the Customer,User, organizer using a temporary URL.

The veracity of information entered online by the Customer,User, or Organizer on StudentSphere is guaranteed to be right by them. However, StudentSphere does not guarantee that Client, User or organizer can not impersonate an individual (as specified in Section 5).

7. The StudentSphere tickets

7.1 Selling tickets

Upon confirmation of the ticket purchase, electronic tickets are sent to the email address validated by the Customer. By accepting these GCSUW the Customer, also accepts the terms of use of StudentSphere ticket. Customer must arrive at the event in possession of the electronic ticket printed on a sheet of A4 paper, initially blank or use his smartphone. The printing of tickets must be of good quality, and paper must not be damaged or unclean in order to be able to scan them. Any unreadable tickets will not be accepted at entrance of the event. StudentSphere declines all responsibility for problems that may arise when ordering, processing and / or printing electronic tickets to the extent that it has not caused it intentionally.

7.2 Ticket Scan

The ticket Scanning will be made by the organizer of the event. The Organizer is responsible to control access to his event according to the particular conditions he will release. The organizer reserves the right to check the identity of the Customer when checking the ticket so all ticket holder must be in possession of a official and valid ID with photo.

An e-ticket is only valid for the event is issued for, at the date of the event. The ticket should be retained until the end of the event. An electronic ticket can only be controlled once. It is forbidden to use multiple times the same ticket, unless it allows it, only the first person in possession with a valid ID card may attend the event, this person being presumed to be the lawful holder of the ticket. Thus, it is prohibited to reproduce, duplicate or forge an electronic ticket in any way whatsoever.The person who reproduces the ticket and / or the user of the copy of the ticket is liable to criminal prosecution. The organizer is entitled to refuse access to the place where the event takes place if he realizes that multiple prints or reproductions of an electronic ticket are in circulation or if access to the place of the event already have been granted to the holder of a print or a reproduction.

The organizer does not have to verify the identity of the person in possession of the ticket or to verify the authenticity of the ticket since a copy of a ticket can not be easily identifiable. If access ofa person in possession of an electronic ticket is denied for one of these reasons, there is no right to reimbursement of the price paid for the purchase of electronic ticket.

8. Policy exchange, refund and cancellation

After purchase, electronic tickets can not be returned, exchanged or resold except in the case, and only in this case, where the event would be canceled and the Organizer himself decides to refund tickets. He would mandate StudentSphere in the implementation of refunds or could perform it with available module on the Websites of StudentSphere.

Furthermore, leisure tickets are not subject to a right of withdrawal. Finally, in any event, any ticket purchased, will not give rise to even in reimbursement,the case where the ticket was not used.

Before making an online purchase, inquire about the merchant’s exchange and refund policies. The law does not require merchants to refund, exchange or credit an item that you no longer want. Merchants are free to decide on the terms of their exchange and refund policy. However, once they do adopt one, they are required to comply with its rules

Source: Office de la protection du Consommateur, Gouvernement du Québec.

It is reminded that only the organizer is responsible for the event itself. Thus, any decision of the cancellation, postponement or modification of the event will be at under the responsibility of the Organizer.The Organizer is responsible for its refund policy. StudentSphere is not responsible for the inconvenience.

However, the usual transaction fees will, in any event, retained by StudentSphere. Apart from the cancellation decision and / or repayment of an electronic ticket by the organizer electronic ticket can not be returned, exchanged or refunded even in case of loss or theft.

The Client agrees to reveals his personal information to the Organizer so he can inform the client of possible changes on the event.

9. General dispositions

The User,Customer or the organizer may fully or in part use the services of the Websites of StudentSphere. Some services are subject to special fees. By using these services, the User,Customer or Organizer are committed to pay for such services. In case of breach by either party of any of these obligations, StudentSphere reserves the right to terminate the contract with the User, Customer or the Organizer.Advertisements may be broadcast on Websites of StudentSphere.

Finally, in case of dispute, Canadian courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction. The invalidity of any provision of these GCSUW does not undertake any remaining provisions. StudentSphere may at any time alter these GCSUW. In this case, the users of Websites of StudentSphere will be notified via a special mention on Websites of StudentSphere. the User consequently, accepts the modified GCSUW.

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